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Hot Water System


 Hot Water Systems are engineered to provide accurate, reliable and cost effective temperature control for process load.

 The Hot Water System is available for use with plant steam or electricity as the heat source. Both steam and electric units come in

 single and dual zone configurations.

 Flowtech also designs and manufactures specialized equipment for non-standard applications. Our engineers have extensive experience in process chilling and heating applications for such industries as Chemicals, Petroleum, Plastics, Rubber, Paper, Power, Steel, Food And Pharmaceuticals.

Why Hot Water System needed?

 The temperature in the jacket can be controlled much more accurately with hot water than with steam. This higher degree of control protects against damage to or loss of product through overheating

 Hot water distributes heat more evenly than steam. This eliminates hot spots which often cause product to bake onto the walls of the vessel, and at worst, ruin the entire batch.

 Hot water ensures a better quality end product. This is particularly important in processes requiring very precise product temperature control.

 In critical processes utilizing glass-lined reactors, steam shocks can damage the glass lining. Hot water allows smooth transitions from heating to cooling with no thermal shock.

Type Of Hot Water System

  1. Direct steam heating.

  2. Indirect steam heating (Using PHE or Shell and Tube condenser).

  3. Electrical Heating.


 Compact and Complete Package Solution

 Optimum design for the major component of the system – Heat Exchangers

 Made to order solutions to meet all process requirements

 Factory assembled skid for ease of installation

 Unmatched heating control for consistent and desired temperatures

 Hassle free condensate removal and recovery with no energy losses

 Standard units supplied with PID controllers. Special control packages available with PLC systems.


 Each Hot Water System is designed to maximize the productivity of the process.

 Kerone quality and reliability provide excellent value for investment.

 Reliable temperature control improves process consistency, reduces scrap, speeds start-up and increases production rates.

 Instantaneously available when you need for fluctuating process loads and urgent demands.

 Ensures accurate temperatures for hot water required for the most heat sensitive processes.

 System designed with heat exchangers with very high heat transfer rates and efficiency.

 Swift & easy installation.

 Single point connections for all utilities

 All units are factory tested prior to shipment

General Specifications

 System Design Pressure – 4 to 5 Kg/cm².

 Max. Steam Pressure - 2 to 3 Kg/cm².

 Max. Cooling Water pressure-2 to 3 Kg/cm².

 Max. Operating temperature – 90°C

 Sizing can vary per application

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